The Seven

Pitched to the Warhammer offices as “The Seven Samurai” in Necromunda, with a plot twist made up on the spot when Christian Dunn (then editor) asked how I’d make it more Necromunda like. This went off in search of a writer, and ended up with James Peatty. I sent off a wish list of things I wanted to do (including the odd request – that was declined – that the strip be 7 pages long… so I decided page 1 should almost a cover). It was commissioned and paid for and languished, unpublished when Warhammer Monthly folded. I’ve dusted it off, asked letterer to the stars Jim Campbell to letter it up and here it is for your viewing pleasure. It remains (c) Games Workshop, and, if asked, I will, of course, instantly yank it off line. But here it is, one of my favourite art jobs to have never seen the light of day… THE SEVEN

Author: PJ

Belfast based Comic Artist who won’t shut up on twitter.