10 years

10 Years and the significant things that happened during them.

2000 – moved to a part time job, to try and make my career in comics.
2001 – first pro published work in 2000ad, second in Warhammer monthly.2002 – Got engaged in Bangkok (we did three weeks around Hong Kong, Bangkok and Singapore)
2003 – This is the year we got married, my mum died, we got pregnant, and I was commissioned to do my first multiparter for 2000AD. (And I moved to a Mac)
2004 – Nathan was born, I went back to college to do a HNC in Computer Programming.
2005 – Nathan grew up a little, I watched. Did some more comics. My dayjob, for the first time ever, actually became a chore (the work itself was easy/great, but the politics, the bloody politics….)
2006 – Graduated with a HNC in Software Engineering (lots of distinctions). Became Tharg’s go to guy when deadline crunchs stop someone else.
2007 – Finished Fearless, the creator owned book I did for Image with Mark Sable and Dave “no, not Lee” Roth. Preggers again, this time with Thomas. Self published Previously.2008 – Thomas born, iPhone comics born (for which I claim some small share). Really started using twitter. Left my old day job, to work on iPhone projects. Shortly thereafter left that to go freelance as a comic artist. Annette lost her brother. Still very much a dark cloud, and it always will be.
2009 – First full year as a freelancer. Scary, tried lots of different things, many of blind panic as to what I’d let myself in for, in the end though, drawing comics seems to be enough… just have to let go and trust the work will present itself when I need it…

And here we come, 2010. In 10 years, I’ve gone from single (with girlfriend) to married dad of two, gone from well paid day job to frightening freelancer panic and gone from young to … well… not as young. Hope you had a good 10 years, here’s to the next set…

Author: PJ

Belfast based Comic Artist who won’t shut up on twitter.

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  1. That is fantastic, mate! It’s great to look back over the decade and realise that you’ve done so much, and have your life close to where you want it to be!I hope the next ten years is just as good, if not better!


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