Happy Valley #1 Double Page Spread

There’s previews of the first five or so pages of Happy Valley around the web, but, for some reason, they’ve all chopped this big ol’ double page spread in half. So here it is, glued back together again… hope you like it!

(Oh, and it’s out tomorrow in the US, and, I think, Christmas Eve in the UK… please let me know what you think of the book – and, even better, let Dynamite know!)

Author: PJ

Belfast based Comic Artist who won’t shut up on twitter.

2 thoughts on “Happy Valley #1 Double Page Spread”

  1. I got this in the post from my comics service yesterday and it was very enjoyable. The character moments were great, the spread above was great too, it really put you slam into the middle of the action. The only quibble I’d have is the scene on page 17(iirc) with the Ju88 overshooting the Wellington was a bit indistinct, if the text hadn’t told me it was a Ju88 I would have only known by the Jumo engines as the cockpit and tail area seemed a bit off. It seemed to have the solid nose of the Ju88C but the gondola from the Ju88A which isn’t correct…sorry that sounds like a really anal criticism dosen’t it?Don’t get me wrong though, thats only a minor thing, I’d say I’m too ingrained in reading Jose maria Jorge/Ian Kennedy type manic levels of detail at this stage. I can see that you were going for the David Lloyd type of ultra-brooding oppressive atmosphere and you carried it off really well, I’ll certainly be getting the following issues.


  2. Hi Derek, thank you for the comment! Really nice to hear from people reading the comic and I’m glad you’re enjoying it – hopefully you’ll continue to enjoy it through my remaining issues.re: page 17 – I had a real dickens of a job finding decent reference for that Ju88 – I tried my best to find a specific model kit I could build especially for that page, all to no avail – so, in the end I used a sketchup model found online – supplemented I should add, with some pretty detailed schematics (though I had schematics that covered every Ju88 variant, possibly information overload) – all this so that I could smear ink all over it to add atmosphere! And, of course, turned out the sketchup model I was using was to a different scale to the Wimpy model I had, so when I ended up drawing the page three times – each one with the Ju88 drawn larger and larger until I managed to get exactly the right scale! All within a couple days!(tbh reference was a real pain throughout, though some things were a lot easier to find than others) at some point – once it’s all out there – I’ll do a detailed post on the reference books / models, including where I’m pretty sure I got stuff wrong! Once again thanks for the comment, hopefully I haven’t got too much wrong in the next few issues!-pj


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