Happy Valley #1, the first review


I’ll just cut to the bit about me, shall I?

The art chores by P.J. Holden suit the story and time frame wonderfully, maintaining a real feel, while also keeping one foot in the pulp style that littered the news stands of the time. Some scenes are reminiscent of Darick Robertson’s more recent work with Ennis on The Boys, but that can be attributed to the books sharing colorist, Tony Avina. All in all, it is very good, kinetic art that captures the emotions and actions of the story without overshadowing it.

So, that’s good. Also: Poor old Simon Bowland was dropped from the credits in the review, Simon is, it appears, lettering everything in the world, or at least, everything I’m doing. Anyhue, there it is, let’s see some more…


Author: PJ

Belfast based Comic Artist who won’t shut up on twitter.