Battlefields: Happy Valley on the net

So the PR machine is ramping up and you can read some stuff about Happy Valley on the interwebs (which, I’ve taken the liberty of excerting the really flattering stuff about me below – for your, but more importantly, my pleasure)


Garth Ennis: Happy Valley is drawn by PJ Holden, a very talented artist from my native Belfast. Very dynamic, great storytelling, perfect sense of character- which, for a story involving six white guys all wearing helmets and oxygen masks in a gloomy bomber aircraft, is vital.


“I’ve been admiring PJ’s work for many years now, at first on Fantagraphics’ ‘Holy Cross’ with my old friend Malachy Coney, and more recently on British sci-fi anthology ‘2000AD.’ I think his stuff is firmly in the British and European tradition, strongly reminiscent of the war comics so many of us read as kids – but with a storytelling dynamism and sense of character that gives him a universal appeal. You can look at any one of the faces he draws and get an instant idea of what that particular guy is about, which is a strength PJ shares with guys like Steve Dillon and Carlos Ezquerra. Finally, he works hard to get the hardware right, which is, frankly, vital on stories like this one.”

(You know what, I AM great, aren’t I? all this and 6’2″ of sinewy muscle – compressed into the short stocky body of a fatman.)


The Saturdays

So, St George’s Market of a Saturday. I’ve dropped that (sorta) … actually, I’m still trying to figure out what to do with it. It strikes me that I need a partner, someone who’s good and reliable, who can go and get lots of small press things and sell them at the table. In the meantime, I’ll probably be there every third saturday (not next week, but the week after). Probably. Don’t count on it though!