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So, I’ve been struggling for some time to get a podcast off the ground – lots of attempts, sometimes just me, sometimes me and a friend, and, finally, things have clicked (or at least they’ve clicked twice in a row, which is already a bit of a record on the podcast front.)

The Sunnyside Comic Cast is me, Ron Abernethy and Scott Ferguson and, eventually, whatever other individuals want to join in, sitting around a table and talking rubbish about comics. Usually. Sometimes we talk rubbish about other subjects and sometimes, for almost seconds at a time, a little glimmer of non-rubbish is talked, but we soon knock that on its head. We’re going to be introducing various features and, with a bit of luck, conducting some interviews too. Please leave some feedback! It’ll help convince us we’re not just vain idiots recording our conversations to laugh at our own jokes again (though that will still be true.)

Episode 1 we chatted about conventions – I keep trying to inject “how to be a comic pro” into every conversation, but I’m sorta outnumbered by normal people, so we only touched on that lightly. Episode 2 is up now, were the ground covered is somewhat astonishing in breadth (if not depth).

You can find it here. And subscribe to it, via iTunes here.

I think the glue that is binding this all together is Ron, he’s essentially become the de facto producer – keeping the wheels turning on the mighty Sunnyside Comic Cast Bus while I try and crash it into a wall. Scott mostly hangs around collecting tickets. This analogy has been stretched too thin now.

Shows have hit around 50/60 minute mark and… you know… I laughed when I did them and I laughed when I listened to them again, hopefully you’ll find something in there too…

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