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My studio, once a massive double bedroom sized space, has, since the birth of my kids, become a tiny little ickle space, not much larger than a small bathroom. Still, it’s my studio and here’s the tour…

First thing to note, is that since this room used to be my eldest son’s nursery there’s a LOT of hangover from those old days – notably the curtains (and the occasional robot/spaceship on the wall)

The Pan shows a chunk of the room – it’s bloody tiny. Starting with my single book case (chock full of graphic novels and books my wife bought for our hols). Next, you can just about see my art cabinet – bargain from Ikea, containing pages and pages of 2000AD work (among other things). Then the window (and light and radiator, I figured out a while ago, the best lighting situation for me was directly below the ceiling bulb) Drawing table and two shelves heaving with graphic novels (there’s also a tripod in the middle, which I was going to use, but, typically, couldn’t find the attachment to put the camera on it) Pin board, white board (which Nathan – 4- has drawn all over) computer desk, with shelve with computer stuff/accounts things. Then my lovely, lovely, A3 printer which really deserves a post on its own. I can’t say enough positive about my A3 scanner/printer combo… It’s a beaut.


Next photo is the drawing board, I’ve put a large drawing board on top of my drawing table just to give me the elbow room to work on. Forgive the weird white areas – those are highly sensitive artwork thingies that I’ve censored since nothing official has been announced. But it’s damn cool, fulfilling THREE professional ambitions in one fell swoop. Pretty awesome…


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  1. Thanks for sharing, Paul. I’m moving into a new house this week and am trying to get ideas for optimizing my own studio, so this is both cool AND helpful.


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