BBC – Drama – Life On Mars

BBC – Drama – Life On Mars

Did anyone else notice this? Cop drama about a present day cop who, after a near fatal car accident ends up in CID in 1973. Yay for genre telly and double yay for Dr Who!

(A strip about this tomorrow, I think).

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One thought on “BBC – Drama – Life On Mars”

  1. (My own cut from forum on retro car website:

    Decent show, good potential, will watch again for sure, and did like the story. But …….

    Although there was a decent smattering of kit, as usual with these shows set in old times, we had to endure an entire array of static concours vehicles. Like watching Hartbeat. Come on BBC, put some effort into it!!

    Do such programme makers not realise that to make it authentic we need to see dusty, scratched, contition 2 and condition 3 vehicles as well? We need to see mucky roads, complete lack of roadmarkings, shabby cars and trucks? Cars driving by in the distance, kids running out into the street, natural looking stuff.

    And as for the extras in the background “everybody try and act like someone naturally walking past in the 70s” Stroll on! It was ridiculous! Especially the hippy girl pausing to look in the shop, and the guy trying desperately not to be aware of the camera as he walks past in the background. Wooden, wooden, wooden.

    To make it more realistic you need very strong natural sunshine, poorly dressed kids mucking around on Choppers, some proper Tiswas haircuts, and lots of Bettys & Frank Spencers in yellow clothes.

    Far too staged for my liking.

    Very good plot though. Gonna watch them all I reckon.

    Right, let’s see who’s taped it and can name all the motors.

    Your motoring is OUR concern!


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