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Soviet leader Josef Stalin wanted to create an army of humans crossed with apes. Scientists were told to create a species of “immense strength but with an underdeveloped brain”. (Ian Brown? Liam Gallagher?)

The October Man is a strip that was conveived by Jonathan Turner (JT) and me, one drunk night staggering back from the pub. We were knocking around story ideas and what we’d like to do (this was around 1989 – just before the fall of the Berlin Wall and while the Soviet Union still existed). The idea was a USA in Soviet control. There was a great deal of shared ideas. Sadly it never got anywhere but a couple of pages drawn by me and a couple of strips drawn by Bob Corcaran.

I’ve been mulling the October Man idea back and forth for a couple of years now, at this point I think it’s only resemblance to the original is the Soviet aspects of it and the super human aspect of the main protagonists (iirc he was called Frank Brodey).

Still like some of the ideas I’ve had about it, but this is really interesting – not sure where popbitch got the info from though.

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  1. This was in The Sun the other day, too, so it must be true (boom boom).

    Recently released Soviet archives, apparently. The scientist who came up with the plan a the same guy who invented the collective farms. He was blamed for the initial failure of that project, and died in disgrace, in exile in Kazachstan.

    Those crazy commies!


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