Creative Struggling – Christmas Caption Compo

Creative Struggling – Christmas Caption Compo

Deadline is set for Midnight (GMT) 16th Of December and you can win the original artwork 🙂
(post your entries in replies on the page ‘Christmas Caption Compo’ – its in the nav bar to your right) The Winner will be announced ON THIS BLOG — here! – and I’ll notify them by email.

You can enter the caption compo as often as you like 🙂

I Will accept entries via the comment section of the main blog!

Author: PJ

Belfast based Comic Artist who won’t shut up on twitter.

24 thoughts on “Creative Struggling – Christmas Caption Compo”

  1. Danta Claus: “Christmas is too commercial these days! Who needs expensive presents so long as you’ve got your elf?”

    Mike Carroll

    (Sorry, PJ – the ‘Christmas Caption Compo’ page didn’t have a reply box!)


  2. Although inspired by Keith Harris and Orville, Nikolai’s ventriloquist routine was a strictly adults-only show.


  3. “..and so, Dante continued to woo the attractive young elf, sadly unaware that his testicles appeared to be dangling around his neck..”


  4. “…unfortunately the caption writer’s plan to make a humorous rib about Dante’s Santa beard looking like a pair of squirrell’s nuts stapled to the hollowed-out body of a decapitated owl was dead before it began…”


  5. ‘and i want a PSP and a xbox 360 and a gun and a…’

    ‘but danta, i’m your present from santa’

    ‘oh… but i wanted a PSP’


  6. Santa’s Little Helper may be a dog (in the Simpsons) but Dante’s certainly isn’t.


    “Santa must be going deaf! I didn’t ask him for a rude elf with a rent ho’s brain, dear.”


  7. ‘Sit on my knee, little girl, and we’ll talk about the first thing that rises.’

    ‘Do you want to see Dante’s special White Christmas…’

    ‘Don’t you mean jingle your BELLS, Mr. Dante?’


  8. Crest: Dante, this is a terrible mistake, you are compromising your cover and are leaving yourself terribly exposed!

    Dante: Not yet I’m not.


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