Surreal days….

Ok, not sure how to start this … but…

This morning I had a long meeting with my boss and an IT company about the future direction of the IT in work. We’re walking round the office and spot tons of police as the queen is here. So I’m thinking ‘maybe we’ll see the queen’. Then I’m thinking ‘that bloke coming towards me looks a bit like Dennis Quaid’ … ‘Hang on. That bloke looks really like Dennis Quaid’.

‘Hello’ says Dennis Quaid. ‘Hello’, I stammer back. and he walks off.

I said hello to Dennis f***ing Quaid. I don’t think I’d ever get star struck – I nearly sold Bobby Ball a computer once, but I really like Dennis Quaid and have always done.

Then I went into the spar where the was a queue of dwarfs (who were in a panto in the theatre opposite work).

At that point I needed a to lie down for awhile.

Author: PJ

Belfast based Comic Artist who won’t shut up on twitter.