Currently waiting to get near the drawing table…

Monday is looking after Son. Tuesday AM is day job, Annette is off this tuesday afternoon which means either she’ll look after him and I’ll get some work done or it means we’ll go out somewhere. The work after that. Wednesday is college and I have an assignment to hand in which I’ve barely started. Wed evening we pick Nathan up from Annette’s parents, so write off most of Wednesday. Thursday and Friday work all day which leaves the evening but don’t typically get to drawing table until Nathan is asleep. This is now my life.

Still in the plus column: fired up about drawing. On episode 3, page 8 at the moment, may get it finished tonight (possibly today if I can get Dad to babysit) then page 9 and 10. And episode 3 is complete. After that episode 4, a 16 page effort!

Gotta say, my inking is really coming along. Still not as perfect as I’d like (and I’m sure it never will be) but I’m so comfortable with a brush now it’s amazing to me. Still sometimes feel like falling back to using a dip pen when my confidence is shot, but not at the moment.

Author: PJ

Belfast based Comic Artist who won’t shut up on twitter.