I’ve added a couple of new categories to the blog: submission and submission feedback.

I started the blog so I could post about stuff I’d sent off and the responses I’d gotten – I thought this was gonna be a great way to document the whole process of submitting – this was for me rather than anyone else, a personal log of just how hard it was. I thought doing it would help drive me to actually submit and do stuff. As it happened I got commisioned just as I started the blog so it became a little pointless.

At various points I’ve attempted to start submitting stuff, and this time it’s gonna happen. Once the Dredd is done I’ll be cycling through comic companies, starting with the DC/Marvel and anyone who pays a page rate. Problem is: I can’t think of 12 companies who pay page rates: any takers?

Author: PJ

Belfast based Comic Artist who won’t shut up on twitter.