Cross roads

There’s a big cross roads coming up, my day job isn’t going to stay as it is forever (and I don’t think I’d want it too) and I’ve been weighing up lots of options. Sometimes I come to a conclusion that is so strong in my mind that I’m amazed that I can’t even remember it the next day. So here’s tonights conclusion. I want, in six months to be able to become a full time comic artist. All it would take would be a regular income of around £500 per month for fixed bills (foods/living expenses and so on). That’s around 4 1/2 pages per month on 2000AD money. I’d need to be doing about 47 pages per year to be able to do that. This Dredd is 48 pages. One of these Dredd’s a year would do it. (Course that’s ignoring tax and all the other dull realities of living). But I won’t do that until I’ve at least six months living money stashed in savings and no tax bill to worry about.

I’ve a nice shiny wall chart up for next year with all the comic conventions marked up, and I’ll be attempting to attend all of them (realistically, that means I’ll get to the local conventions, Bristol, Dreddcon – if there is one – and Brighton next year). Assuming money holds out.

And come Monday I start chasing what ever my next possible options are.

Author: PJ

Belfast based Comic Artist who won’t shut up on twitter.