Thinking big…

A major problem I have is just picturing myself as a comic artist – it’s just… I dunno, I have no firm idea of what it really means. At this point I’m considered a ‘pro’ – and I feel like a pro, but it’s really pro with a small ‘p’. I’m wondering if part of my problems with drawing is that I just can’t visualise what it means to be a Pro (big ‘P’). Normally, after a convention, I come back all fired up, it’s a real taste of what life could be like working as a proper artist, this usually disappears after three or four days of the returning to the treadmill of the day job. This year I did one convention. Next year, I think, I’ll do every convention that I can. With samples tailored for each. Once this here dredd is finished, I resume a Si Spurrier sample I’ve promised (but have yet to deliver) and finally a new batman sample.

I think I may even do all the Irish conventions I can (although, previous experience suggests they always leaving me feeling a bit …unsatisfied… there’s never anything for me to do their as people tend to either be uninterested in what I do or just don’t know)

Author: PJ

Belfast based Comic Artist who won’t shut up on twitter.