I dithered so long on deciding to go that it become waaay too expensive. And besides, next month sees episode one of Warzone, the John Wagner scripted Dredd four parter I’ve been drawing start and I haven’t finished it yet!

Next year, next year…

Author: PJ

Belfast based Comic Artist who won’t shut up on twitter.

One thought on “Brighton”

  1. Aaaah! So that’s what it was.
    Sweeet. You’ve been getting better with every Dredd story you’ve done. Hell, I almost emailed you to enquire about buying a page from “The Magnificent Umbersons”. But I didn’t, ‘cus I, too, am broke.
    Anyway, the point is, you’re getting pretty damn good at Ol’ Stoney Face, and it must be pretty cool getting to draw a John Wagner multi-parter (especially in his current form). Congrats!


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