I bought some comics!

Actual, you know, proper comics! Not graphic novels/trade collections, but the old fashioned stabled together kind. Ocean, issues 1,2,4 and 6 – missing issue 5. If anyone wants to send me a copy I’ll send you a sketch.

Also: Terra Obscura volume two, issues 3,4,5 and 6 – missing episodes 1 and 2. Same deal 🙂

Really nice artwork – Yanick Paquette goes between beautiful women to grotesque men – it’s very odd. The inking is amazing though (curiously Karl Storey inked both books). Story – I’ve no idea what’s going on, missed the first volume and the first couple of issues of this volume.

Ocean art is gorgeous Chris Sprouse artwork – I have a page of Chris Sprouse art, it’s fantastic and I’d love more.

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4 thoughts on “I bought some comics!”

  1. Try DESOLATION JONES by Ellis and J H Williams III. It’s pretty darn good. But don’t leave it lying around the house in case someone finds it and thinks you’re having some sort of breakdown. If TRANSMET was Ellis channelling Hunter S Thompson, this is his Chuck Palahniuk phase.

    And ‘cus you seem to like Adam Hughes-ey kinda stuff, I’d recommend ZATANNA from Grant Morrison’s SEVEN SOLDIERS project. It’s drawn by Ryan Sook, who started off as a Mike Mignola disciple, but moved on to a style that I’d describe as one part Kevin Nowlan to one part Adam Hughes. Or pick up the ARKHAM ASYLUM: LIVING HELL trade he did with Dan Slott. Very Nowlan-ey, and damn fine writing.

    Actually, on the SEVEN SOLDIERS tip, if you see a copy of the J H Williams illustrated #0, I’d highly recommend it, too. I love the way the guy can even jump seamlessly from style-to-style within a panel, let alone a page.


  2. Ah, I actually DID buy ish #0 and it looks pretty amazing (Blueberry style character mixed in with more real looking characters). I’ll pick up Zatanna next time I’m out, I always thing, though, with Zook – why not just directly to his influences rather than looking at his stuff, but I haven’t look at what he’s been doing since he was doing the Mignola thing.


  3. Accoring to Wikipedia, “A ZOOK is an autonomous creature designed by users and contestants in the BBCs Bamzooki gameshow. Created using 3D primitives, ZOOKs move autonomously based on IK points that the designer assigns to them.”


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