Thanks to the wonders of the internets I watch a lot of TV

I try and ration it to the good stuff:

* Lost
* Arrested Development
* The Daily Show

And then there are the new american shows:
* surface – watched first episode seems alright, very ET so far (kid sees strange monster while out swimming, brings home an ‘egg’ places it in water tank and it grows to become something you never bloody well see)
* Threshold (think it’s coming on Channel 4) some interesting casting, Data (for it is he) is quiet good in it, but it’s very samey (every time she says ‘I wrote the threshold’ or someone says ‘You tell us, Threshold is your programme’ have a drink. You’ll get drunk.
* Invasion – watched the first couple of episodes – it’s a bit, grim invasion of the body snatchers type thing.

and just there now:
Nightstalker: which was all very post-x-files. I may have seen an episode of the original but I liked the idea of a crusty old reporter reporting on these old things, now we get this teen-pinup style bloke walking around with angst and lording it over these other teen-pinup types. All the while everyone saying ‘Im the lead reporter here’ and pointing out ‘I’ve four years experience’. Seen the x-files. Now bored of this.

Author: PJ

Belfast based Comic Artist who won’t shut up on twitter.