Page 4 finished

And for the first time in quiet a few nights I’m going to bed at a reasonable hour.

Looks like I may be going to Brighton – it’s expensive but every convention I’ve been too has resulted in work in some form for the past couple of years – so I’d hate to miss something.

(It’s a pity it’s on Annette’s birthday).

Progress Report…

I’m working on page 4 of the Meg strip – most of the page is done, just a couple of simple panels left. Did a couple of silhouette shots but they suit the story and look damn cool, so all good. Also starting inking page 1 of a thing that Si Spurrier has had on my desk for some time. Started into it as I’m feeling on creative fire at the moment. Decided to go to brighton (comic expo) but it’s so expensive I might not. No to bed.