If you ever start thinking you’ve cracked it…

You know, cracked this whole drawing thing. Try some simple exercieses:

1 Draw people walking away from you. Full figures – doesn’t have to be detailed – try just drawing the skeleton.

2 Draw a detailed bloke posing and then a detailed female posing in the exact same position.

3 Draw people holding hands. Just the hands, you don’t need to draw the people.

4 Draw a people milling about (not posing, just, you know, hanging out) from a height (birds eye perspective – but not too high, and off at a slight angle so you’re not looking straight down at them)

Anyhue, if that doesn’t keep you in your place nothing will. (BTW: this is self advice here)

On a related note: finished page 1 of meg project.

Author: PJ

Belfast based Comic Artist who won’t shut up on twitter.