Hey … remember before … when I said I was busy …

Ok … Now today (and for the next few months) … much, much, much busier.

Here’s the thing, someone offers me loads of money to do computer work.. I hmm and ummm I think about it and mull it over and reluctantly do it – hey, it’s the sensible thing. Then I start thinking maybe this is where the future lies, make good money, do interesting things (which I find intellectually stimulating and I really feel I can do and do well and I feel great about it) and you know. It’s all good. But it’s a pity that comics are just never gonna work out for me.

Then … I get offered, in essence, less money to do more work for something which I find difficult and hard going and which grinds me down with self-loathing and hatred and … you know … I couldn’t be happier and would happily never sit at a computer again.

So … there we have it.

Author: PJ

Belfast based Comic Artist who won’t shut up on twitter.

One thought on “Hey … remember before … when I said I was busy …”

  1. Quit comics? But dude, yer living the dream! Groupies, drugs, Rob Liefeld’s mobile phone number, etc, etc. Next you’ll be telling me that Mike McMahon’s quit comics to drive a forklift truck at a Tesco’s warehouse.


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