A future shock synopsis.

Told as a series of TV clips mixed with events.

Caption: Flash Forward.
Caption: 2006
TV Screen showing news report on integration of bio-tech and computers.

Caption: Flash Forward.
Caption: 2012
TV screen showing news report on latest virus outbreak, newscaster (at this point people are becoming more like cyborgs).

Caption: Flash Forward.
Caption: 2102
We’re at a crisis centre, dealing with viruses (which infect computers and, more importantly cyborgs – changing not just software but hardware). For the past 20 years the world’s been under an assault from the Echo virus, overwriting the entire memory of a person with a potted history of mankind and now the Oscar virus which deforms the shape of the bio-organic implants. There’s a uniformity to the faces here, people are becoming more androgynous.

Flash Forward: 2130
Things have become much, much worse. What’s left of mankind has removed their hardware and have moved into giant Arks – very little in the way of technology. Outside the Echo-Oscar hybrid destroys everything.

Flash forward: 2135
There’s a complacency at work as people have started reinstalling their hardware. But the virus has evolved again and the attacks start. Outside everyone is dead.

Flash Forward: 2260
There’s only one ark left. Every child born has died by the age of 3. Four new children are born. ‘Male or female?’ ‘We.. we don’t know’. Everything is done to stabilise the virus.

Flash Forward: 2267
The children are all that’s left. They’re humanoid but not humans. The stabilisation of the virus have left them with a fixed IQ of a 3year old but with a memory that encompasses every moment of recorded history and the chance that they will live forever. Inside the last ark everyone knows this is it – this is the legacy of mankind. Plans are in place to keep their ‘nursery’ powered for millennia.

Flash Forward: 3593
Inside the nursery, the four children are playing: tinkywinky, dipsy, lala and po. E-O!

Naff? not naff? I like the darkness of it all, but it may be as trite as ‘and they were all trapped in a virtual reality prison…’. I dunno.

Author: PJ

Belfast based Comic Artist who won’t shut up on twitter.

2 thoughts on “Echo-Oscar”

  1. Really like the flash forward gimmick. Any thoughts how it would work visualy? Some kind of grid, maybe?

    I assume we end on a pull back reveal of the TV screen embedded into one of the neo-child’s bellies. That might work, but I think there’s a bit of a disjoint, what with all this very cool sounding dark stuff going on and then eventually leading into a telytubbies joke.


  2. It’s creepy. I like it very much, but I think the E-O is abit forced, it’d have just the same impact without it and opens the chance to come up with an even more disturbing name for a single virus from the outset – one ‘evil’ from the beginning and persisting through to the end and hovering outside forever has more impact. I’d also bring the unfolding events before the final panel closer together chronologically to give the agelessness of the tubs in 3593 more of a punch as well.

    But good – I’d read it.


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