I’m … just … I’m floored.

Thanks to Garen and Neil who, either off their own bat or in a conspiracy, both sent me an amazon gift voucher – I will spend it wisely and with good grace (finally get the Glen Fabry Muscles in Motion that I want).

If you chaps send me your address I’ll fire off a sketch. I’m feeling guilty – the forum *isn’t* that much work and costs me a pittance.

(Also: I’ve already spent the certificates – that didn’t take long at all:

1 of: Muscles in Motion: Figure Book Drawing for the Comic Book Artist [Paperback]
By: Glen Fabry
Planetary: Leaving the 20th Century [Paperback]
By: Warren Ellis, John Cassaday

Global Frequency: Detonation Radio Bk. 2 [Paperback]
By: Warren Ellis, et al

So thanks again!)

Author: PJ

Belfast based Comic Artist who won’t shut up on twitter.