War of the Worlds

Spoilery stuff after the jump (although frankly if you don’t know how War of the Worlds turns out then your nerd credentials are low my friend)

If all the electrical devices are not working at the start how come yer man’s video recorder is working fine?

When you unplug an iPod headphones the iPod pauses and doesn’t restart ’til you press play (yes, that’s extra extra nerd points for me).

Wow, that ending comes up quick – it’s like watching a juggernaut speed up until it’s doing 120mph and then stop in the space of 2cm. It was just wrong. Annette nipped to the loo just after the blindfold lullaby bit and missed the key moment when Spieldberg went ‘Oh shit, I’ve gotta resolve this quick and tie it all up and make sure everything is hunky dorey again’ and had no idea how the end bit fit (it did feel like a big chunk was missing from the film).

And the opening and closing credits made it feel like a really cool episode of the twilight zone.

And… I’m kinda miffed that it ended the way it did, I woulda preferred a much more open ended ending (kill the kids and leave the Scientologist to lead a resistance) but that’s just me missing V.

Author: PJ

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