Culinary disasters

Every so often I get a hankering for something different to it – which would be fine but I’m really one of lives fussy eaters, so if we find something suitable out of the ordinary I never like it.

Today was the turn of Chinese food. Specifically dim sum. We went to a nearby Chinese restaurant (one who’s clients were predominantly Chinese, so, no doubt, was very authentic).

Todays lesson: I don’t like dim sum. Any of it. My pathetic western palette could barely stomach any of it (which shows me in a very poor light I know). In fact, I kinda recoiled at the sight of most of it. The service was fantastic, and the staff were all really nice, although asking me what if I liked the food led to a very awkward moment when my brain seized and I just kinda started apologising for not liking anything.


Author: PJ

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