Weighing it up…

I’ve been on a diet. Well, more accurately, Annette has and I’ve been on it by extension. S’about 3 1/2 weeks and I’ve lost almost a stone. I’m wont mention what it was but it was a long way from where it should’a been.

(Oh, it’s a unislim diet)

Dragon Boosters

On Sky Mix — wow. CGI cell shaded – but the best looking cell shaded CGI I’ve ever seen. (It’s reusing the King Arthur relegend in the future – but we’ll not hold that against it.)


Been offered some extra computer work this month (very much worthwhile) … so expect the lack of updates to continue for a little while at least…

A couple of observations…

Why have all the diet drinks suddenly changed their names?

Diet Sprite becomes Diet Z
Diet 7Up becomes 7Up Free
Diet Fanta becomes Fanta Z

It’s peculiar. (A quick google search reveals they’re changing their sweetener … that’s a boring answer but at least it’s an answer)

There’s a magazine on the shelves of WH Smith called ‘Koi Carp Monthly’ with the subtitle ‘Britains Best Selling Koi Carp Magazine’. Now … how come there’s at least TWO magazines about keeping Koi Carp and NO magazines about creating comics (on the shelves of newsagents). Is the comic industry really smaller than the Koi Carp Keeping industry? (or is it because we have our own specialist shops … but even so … it’s bloody peculiar). There’s at least half a dozen magazines dedicated to skateboarding as well.