Book Meme

Total Number Of Books I’ve Owned

I’ve no idea. Uhm… in the thousands (altough I don’t really hang onto a book unless it’s about drawing or contains reference). When I was young (12-13 or so) I read every book I get my hands on – but didn’t actually own anything but comics. A few years later when I started buying books I had hundreds (so much so that … I think at 17? I sold them all through the local paper to clear some space). And I haven’t really read a book in a while.

The Last Book I Bought

Bolland Strips – unless you discount comics in which case …uhm…. something about the Cistine Chapel which I still haven’t read (this’d be a couple of years ago)

The Last Book I Read

From start to finish the last book I read was probably collection of Bill Hicks’ writing which I can’t remember the name of.

Five Books That Mean a Lot To Me.

Uhm … none. They’re only books.

(I’ve marked this as ‘interesting’ in the topic list, but, more accurately it should be ‘uninteresting’)

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