BBC NEWS | Health | Sir Richard Doll: A life’s research

BBC NEWS | Health | Sir Richard Doll: A life’s research

I generally avoid talking about my day job – (I do a lot of work for charidee but I don’t like to talk about it). Anyway, at this years council meeting Sir Richard Doll gave a talk, y’know if you can look back on your life at the age of 90 and have done a fraction of the stuff he’s done it’d still be a pretty full life.

Things I learnt: if you give up smoking in your early 30s your chances of mortality return to those of a non-smoker, this is not true for later in your life. (I don’t smoke, but it’s still pretty interesting).

Also, I learnt (and this is totally unrelated) the oft-quoted line from the Merchant of Venice ‘If you prick us do we not bleed’ a stirring phrase which really speaks to anyone who feels they’ve been excluded from the wider community is actually followed in the play by the less-quoted line ‘If you tickle us do we not laugh’.

Edumacational, no?

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