You know what really, really annoys me…

The incorrect use of an apostrophe before the year. Waay back before Office ’97 word processors weren’t too clever and you had to tell if what kind of apostrophe you wanted, when Office ’97 hit it came with a ‘smart quote’ feature, smart quotes were great when they got things right but the never managed to get the year right (the smart quote assumed that an apostrophe at the start of the year meant ‘open quotes’) this then propagated into desktop publishing software and beyond (if my crafty calculations are correct there’ll be incorrect smart quotes all round this paragraph). Anyhue, nowdays most software is a little smarter … but for gods sake, when Steve Jobs does a presentation and the years are written with wrong apostrophes and albums on the iTunes store have them wrong, what hope is there for ever being able to get people to use the correct apostrophe now?

Course, as a friend once pointed it: ‘who gives a damn’.

Author: PJ

Belfast based Comic Artist who won’t shut up on twitter.