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PencilMonkey – Home Page

I’m just pointing this wiki thing out again — although I’m guilty of not using it.

Anyhue, whassup? I’ve been working on a dredd script (still) between looking after the child and all the day to day stuff. Turns out looking after even a nice easy going child (as Nathan is) is a tough old gig. So I haven’t had the chance to properly sit down and work, which, inevitably, leads me down the path of self-loathing. So I’ve been sat thinking ‘why bother’.

But then when I do get the chance to sit down a draw for several, glorious, uninterrupted hours it’s pretty obvious – cause there’s nothing like it in the world.

I gave a pep talk with my mate Jim earlier today which was aimed really squarely at me – and it amounts to the fact that all the mistakes and crappy work is worth it, because eventually you’ll create something that’s great – you won’t necessarily recognise it at the time, but it’ll be in there. Someone else will see it. Half the stuff I do is for the amusement of the 12 year that I used to be. The blog is because I would’ve loved to read something about the ins and outs of drawing (although there are much better blogs out there — packed to the gills with artwork and a lot of them carrying around the baggage of self-loathing in one degree or another). And the drawing of comics is for his amusement to.

I just wish I was better at it.

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