I’ve had about two weeks of no drawing and my hand has no idea what a brush is. And yet I’ve still got a callous from finishing the last inking job.

I’m mulling over a character description/name:

Johnny Diamond.

Crystal Clear Thinking with Johnny Diamond.

Johnny Diamond-Head. The man with a thousand facets.

I dunno. It’s probably going nowhere.

(Yes, I’m filling my blog with crap, why do you ask?)

Showing your age….

I did that thing, a couple of days ago that I think all men of a certain age do.

I trimmed my hair rather than go to the hairdressers.

And now I’m embarrassed to go to the hairdressers cus the front is much too short, so I have to wait til it grows or go to a different hairdressers and pretend some idiot barber did it.


Three Things…

Dr Who

Man I’ve really enjoyed Dr Who, I’ve loved the reinvention of the series (and the new 45 minute one-off format), the obvious Buffy influences, the constant surprising dialogue, Christopher Ecclestone (somewhat muggy but fantastic), Rose, the emotional heart tugging and the fact that there’s been a great reason to sit down with the family on a Saturday night – just a pity my wee son isn’t old enough to watch it with me (although it’s nice to watch it while he’s falling sitting with me). The last episode was great (“KILLER OR COWARD” “Coward, every time”). And roll on Chrimbo special and the new series.


Haven’t seen it, hope to go tonight and again. (Kung Fu Hustle is also out soon).


FINISHED ! Yay! Just gotta scan in a couple of pages, touch them up a little, and then fire off a CD and it’s all good.

Gonna take a week off I think.

Book Meme

Total Number Of Books I’ve Owned

I’ve no idea. Uhm… in the thousands (altough I don’t really hang onto a book unless it’s about drawing or contains reference). When I was young (12-13 or so) I read every book I get my hands on – but didn’t actually own anything but comics. A few years later when I started buying books I had hundreds (so much so that … I think at 17? I sold them all through the local paper to clear some space). And I haven’t really read a book in a while.

The Last Book I Bought

Bolland Strips – unless you discount comics in which case …uhm…. something about the Cistine Chapel which I still haven’t read (this’d be a couple of years ago)

The Last Book I Read

From start to finish the last book I read was probably collection of Bill Hicks’ writing which I can’t remember the name of.

Five Books That Mean a Lot To Me.

Uhm … none. They’re only books.

(I’ve marked this as ‘interesting’ in the topic list, but, more accurately it should be ‘uninteresting’)

BBC NEWS | Health | Sir Richard Doll: A life’s research

BBC NEWS | Health | Sir Richard Doll: A life’s research

I generally avoid talking about my day job – (I do a lot of work for charidee but I don’t like to talk about it). Anyway, at this years council meeting Sir Richard Doll gave a talk, y’know if you can look back on your life at the age of 90 and have done a fraction of the stuff he’s done it’d still be a pretty full life.

Things I learnt: if you give up smoking in your early 30s your chances of mortality return to those of a non-smoker, this is not true for later in your life. (I don’t smoke, but it’s still pretty interesting).

Also, I learnt (and this is totally unrelated) the oft-quoted line from the Merchant of Venice ‘If you prick us do we not bleed’ a stirring phrase which really speaks to anyone who feels they’ve been excluded from the wider community is actually followed in the play by the less-quoted line ‘If you tickle us do we not laugh’.

Edumacational, no?