Idea for a short film about copyright.

Narrator, dressed in tshirt (with an Capt America logo, or similair), jeans, standing in front of a busy street scene. Talking direct to camera about copyright.

Over the background we play ‘I fought the law’.

Narrator talks about copyright, fair use and how as the rights haven’t been cleared for the music he’s breaking the law by playing the song. Clicks fingers, song stops. Narrator goes on to extrapolate about all the other rights that haven’t been cleared – and don’t (at this point need to be). As each copyrighted item is mentioned (red pillar boxes by post office, for example) he clicks fingers and the item disappears. This is repeated for each item in the scene (coca-cola sign, the bus – copyright the bus designer plus advertising hording on the sign, the buildings – copyright held by architect) each item is explained with an example of a simlair moment when there was a problem with copyright to enhance the fact that this is all fairly plausible (for example the kick up about the advertising sign in spiderman that was brushed out). Until we’re left with a narrator in front of a white screen. Finally the cloths disappear (tshirt has no clearance for use of logo) jeans (no clearance from lee/levi jeans) until all that’s left is Narrator.

And, DNA Copyrights, since the copyright hasn’t been cleared he vanishes to.

(Inspired, in part, by Microsofts/Movie studios asking people to put together a film about copyright and how we should all be good little girls and boys and not ‘steal’ when, in fact, music studios want to define ‘stealing’ as broadly as possible – so no lending a cd to someone else – also inspired by I think Boing Boing mentioning how difficult it would be to actually make a film about copyright and get all the clearances required for it, to the extent that you’d end up filming nothing but fluffy white clouds)

Author: PJ

Belfast based Comic Artist who won’t shut up on twitter.

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