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Dredd 12 Pager. Page 1. An interesting page – a big family tree kind of thing.

If I was writing a story for myself, I’m convinced it would contain only the things that I know to draw which means I’d never get any better. Page 1 is a big family tree – which represents its own kind of challenges – for instance, how do you draw a family tree and make it interesting? how do you make each member of the family unique but, at the same time resemble each other? how do you convey in one very quick portrait type image the personality of the person you’re drawing? There are two ways to approach something like this – one is to go ‘oh bugger’ and slog into it as though it’s a chore (c’mon, it’s a dull type of page – there’s no action, there’s nothing happening at all and it’s just a bunch of headshots) but the other, better, way is to look at it as a challenge – how to make it as interesting as an action page without having the action?

As we all know, I’m a lazy bugger, but I’ve learned over time to turn this to my advantage. There are some kinds of shots in a comic that you don’t need crazy detail for – in fact any amount of mad-ass detail would simply detract from the story. Sometimes I wonder though, if this is just my excuse for drawing some panels less detailed. Oh well.

I’m kinda rambly tonight.

Author: PJ

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