The Doctor and the Tiger…

I’ll talk about tiger after the jump below…

In the mean time, let’s talk Dr Who…


Ok, I loved Dr Who as a child, Tom Baker in the main, I have a soft spot for the one who was a vet and after that … uhm… I dunno, caught bits and pieces but I left Dr Who behind and barely watched any of the Sylvester McCoy episodes (well, through gritted teeth I would catch it … it was awful).

(As an aside, several years ago, my good friend Big Chris – a huge bloke who’d do anything to take the micky, said, in casual pub banter ‘Oh you like Dr Who … Sylvester McCoy is staying in my house’. Nobody believed him, we got drunk and at about 1 o’clock in the morning we went back to Big Chris’s house were he took us up to his spare room insisting that Sylvester McCoy was in there. He knocked the door … and sure enough, a tired, pissed off Sylvester McCoy answered the door and said ‘Not again Chris’)

(Ok, the last line isn’t true, but the rest is)

Anyways, the new Dr… fantastic! (clearly a favourite phrase of Russell T Davies) it’s just a pity my son isn’t old enough yet to enjoy it — but hopefully it’ll run for a good long time. I like the self-contained nature of the episodes (although sometimes the pacing is a little weird … people seem to be running for ages down little short distances … and as the guards we’re shooting the dalek they appeared to be about 2 inches from it)

And now dull techie stuff…


I like tiger .. some things run faster – and sometimes there are little weird time lags. Spotlight isn’t just as useful as I would’ve thought … partly cus it does too good a job indexing absolutely everything (so a search for images will return sample images that every software package has installed in your library folder and every image in iPhoto) could be just a question of getting used to it and using the exclusion facilities to exclude useless directories (most of the time I’m only looking for stuff in Document folders, for example…). Also, another annoying factor is the lack of fine tuning the search these things will come I’m sure.

Dashboard – oh… me likey … I’m amazed the graphical goodness works on the pc … as ever these things show a distinct US bias, but, again, these things will come — I may end up creating some myself.

As for the rest .. haven’t played with most of it yet… but I will.

Author: PJ

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