Doc Atom (again)

You know… given that I’m now kinda resigned to the idea that comics will never earn me enough to leave my day job… it strikes me the sensible thing is to just do creator owned stuff – stuff which I’m writing and drawing myself (or at least has come from me rather than someone else). Once this Dredd is done (and unless something crops up) I’ll be digging out the old Doc Atom script and starting back into it.

Apple – Trailers – . T H E . I S L A N D . – Large

Apple – Trailers – . T H E . I S L A N D . – Large

This looks great – if a little derivative (Logan’s Run meets the Matrix kinda thing). I really wish that they’d kept the plot to themselves though – the great thing about the first Matrix was the reveal of the real world – I’d gone to see it not expecting anything about the film at all (beyond the kick ass fights) so that single reveal was fantastic.