Batman : The Script…

Ok, I’ve decided the next couple of days (including the weekend) will be dedicated to getting a Batman sample out of the door. I’ve a script Robbie Morrison kindly supplied me (clang) of “Batman: Gotham Knights : Fire and Ice” (wow, that’s a whole lotta title) and I’m gonna do the first four pages. Page one is gonna be a massive challenge. I’ll post images as I get them done. You can join in the fun of being in my head for the duration.

Here’s the process, if’n your in’erested:

Read the script (well, the bit I’m drawing …)
Mark how many panels there are per page.
Read the script again maybe doodling out layouts (which I’ll post when I’ve done some) and then … start drawing.

Author: PJ

Belfast based Comic Artist who won’t shut up on twitter.