Monday monday monday…

I like Mondays — in fact I like anything that, potentially, is a fresh start, and Mondays are always like that – Monday’s a chance to start everything again and make up for all the procrastination of the previous week. Course by Tuesday it’s all back to normal. But still.

So anyways, today I had lunch with RAC from the 2000AD review site and John McCrea. It’s a weird thing having a chat with something who’s being interviewed – while knowing that there’s a tape recording everything you say. It’s a little unsettling how quickly I became comfortable with it.

Have a thing to do for Jaspre Bark. Something for Si Spurrier and er… that’s kind of it. John pointed out how weak my last page was (which I’d kinda fooled myself into forgetting) and I really, really wish I could just redraw it, but, as I’ve posted, half the difficulty of being a pro is just letting something go – it’s done. Deadline has come. There’s no point worrying. Will learn for next job (if there is one). I’d really love to do a little short Dredd. May phone 2000AD in the next couple of days just to see if there’s any work.

Also: did an illustration for a recycling company. And that’s Monday. Tomorrow back to college – for the first time in a long time with an empty plate.

Author: PJ

Belfast based Comic Artist who won’t shut up on twitter.