Mac musings…

Since moving to the mac I’ve found some things … difficult. What I love, though, far an outways what I dislike – I love how it just doesn’t get in my way when I want to do something (there are no ‘your desktop has too many icons – do you want me to remove them’, etc) and something I’ve just found (and is about to pop up all of the mac blogosophere) is this ComicLife. It allows you to take your photos (in iPhoto or wherever) and drop them onto a comic page (using a set number of panel layouts or your own) and drop dialogue and s/fx on to the page. You can knock out a comic in a couple of minutes. It’s fecking genius – and believe me when I tell you this makes a lot of the horrible donkey work of putting a comic together incredibly easy. Anyhue, go download and play (if you’ve a mac, if you have a pc — sucks to be you :P)

Author: PJ

Belfast based Comic Artist who won’t shut up on twitter.