Hey … wanna hear something kafkaesque…

A number of years ago I had a sky dish installed. Now I want sky+ – unbeknowst to me I needed to get planning permission for the original dish. So now I need to get planning permission for the sky+ (which just involves plugging some wires into the actual sky dish – so no extra hardware). I can’t get access to the roof without keys from the housing executive who won’t give me the keys without planning permission.

* Phoned housing executive ‘Can I have keys to get to roof to install key+?’ ‘No, you need planning permission, send us a letter’.
* Letter sent to housing exec asking for planning permission.
* Letter sent from housing exec with a guideline as to where a dish can be installed and saying ‘We will look at your request again when you have planning approval’.
* Phoned exec – had to phone back a day later to talk to the right person was told ‘you need planning approval from City Council’
* Phoned City Council Planning Dept was told to phone building control.
* Building Control they told me to phone planning dept.
* Phone Planning they told me that I probably didn’t need planning permission for a dish but that * I needed to speak to building control to get a letter to that effect.
* Phone building control, gave in and explained that the dish was already installed. Was told to phone back tomorrow to talk to someone who deals with retroactive dish installs.

And that’s where we leave it for today…
(Granted in the wider scheme of things it’s not like I’ve been arrested without trial or anything … but still…)

Author: PJ

Belfast based Comic Artist who won’t shut up on twitter.