Well… didn’t get much done…

My good friend Jim came round and we talked art (and Dr Who and rubbish).

Got not much done of page 6.

Bored with my usual internet haunts (and have been for a while…) there seems to be a definiate life span for me and web forums. Although in the past couple of years I have almost no patience for them at all. I do like the idea of them … and periodically I attempt to get stuck into one although it’s usually fairly half-arsed. It was all so much easier when I could draw worse but thought I was better – then I had no problem storming into a board and showing my artwork off — and, as I’ve often said to friends, if you don’t show comics to other people what’s the point in drawing them?

Anyway. Off to bed.

Author: PJ

Belfast based Comic Artist who won’t shut up on twitter.