Well feck me…

Ok, to be totally honest, the past couple of days I’ve been seriously considering throwing in the towel on the college thing. I figure, better to write off £400 than spend another £400. Plus it’s getting tough now.

But, got one project down – and, happily, the next one ain’t due yet. Luckily there’s one other bloke in the class that’s in the same boat as me (as he pointed out – I pointed out that it’s a pity the boat was the titanic, but I digress). So anyways, not even expecting to pass this (it’s a wordy project more in line with a business studies project than yer actual computer project – and I failed and redid the last project for this lecturer) but if it gets handed back then I’ll hit it again – just looking to pass.

Starting to worry about the final episode of Woo – still got time, but … you know…

New Meg is out now(ish) and the first reviews are gonna start trickling in soon(ish). Rogue was great cus it suited the strip so well and it was so different to what 2000AD had done before and it wasn’t awful that I was half-expecting poisitive. The Woo strip though … I’m scared…

Author: PJ

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One thought on “Well feck me…”

  1. Read the first ep of Woo on Monday night. I’d been looking forward to seeing this since I saw
    you were doing it. Along with the PJ Maybe Dredd, this was the one strip that caught the eye
    of my eldest. He remembered your work on Rogue and muttered something in teenager about
    liking it.

    Going of my memory, (waiting to get the meg back) I was struck by the level of detail in the
    first page but the storytelling was sound and I knew who everybody was.


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