I’ve two college projects to hand in on tuesday (actually one was due *before* the holidays). I’ve started neither.

I’m finishing up page 4. Which puts me about one week (and, more crucially, two weekends) behind my own deadline (should still make the 18th for the Megazine but it’s cutting it fine).

And Nathan is teething. Annette has to go to Cornwall again for her Grandads funeral (we were visiting him when we were in Cornwall, it was expected, what wasn’t was the death of her 24(IIRC) year old cousin on the last day of the holiday) so she’s had a rough time, and hasn’t been able to take Nathan as much as I would’ve liked. Work, my normal 9-5 work is … well, it’s work, innit.

Am beginning to have serious reservations about this idea of going back to college for a computing qualification. I kinda wish I hadn’t started it.

So, to the positive stuff: I’ve definately gotten better (or at least I think I have). My figure work is improving. I’ve actually included perspective shots (a different perspective shot in every panel! argh! what was I thinking). But there’s a long way to go before I get good. Still, I’m starting to enjoy aspects of drawing again, which is always a good thing.

Author: PJ

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