Scanning results in jagged lines – help. – Action Planet Bulletin Board

Scanning results in jagged lines – help. – Action Planet Bulletin Board

Although I am not one of the many talented artists for DRAW!, I hope you will pardon my intrusion.
As more of a prepressman than an artist, the method I would use is this:
Scan in at 800 (or 600) dpi in grayscale.
In Photoshop, use the unsharp filter (amount:500 threshold:2 radius: from 2 to 6 usually) then the levels adjustment to tweak the finer lines. Levels works far better than “Brightness Contrast” Trust me.

Then convert the piece to Bitmap at 1200dpi using the 50% threshold. (this setting will remove any light pencil lines.

This will produce a smooth rendering of your artwork.

You can save the bitmap as a tiff. (always save a B&W copy) Reopen in Photoshop as a 300dpi cmyk and begin coloring. There is an excellent article on computer coloring in Draw #4

In Illustrator, type in your text and panel rulings.
Save this as a PDF or Eps. If you save as a tiff in Illustrator, it will push your smooth lines back to a grayscale setting- and then you’ll have fuzzy lines again. (if your work is B&W)

Coupla things:
A printshop will always downsample a greyscale or cymk image down to 300dpi. I only use higher resolution when scanning, simply to pick up more detail.

B&W Lineart ( no grey tones) can always be saved at 1200dpi. this keeps the lines as crisp as possible, and as a bitmap keeps the file small.

If you can do it, lay down your standard text only in Illustrator (or freehand) never Photoshop. Photoshop translates only to rasterised images. Text needs a vector based program to keep the fonts smooth. Any text made in Photoshop (barring large full color graphics) will look fuzzy on final output.

That’s all, thanks for your time.
Todd Remick

Wanna keep this and read it.

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  1. I’ve only the vaguest of ideas of this off the top of my head, but it sounds very good advice.
    The Illustrator lettering thing I had noticed already, with the work for Futurequake.
    Nice link.


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