Post Woo Update…

I’ve decided to stop drawing for a week or two – couple of reasons: I’ve three projects to hand in (a multimedia one, a database one and an essay about .. I dunno … stuff) two have to be handed in by Tuesday, the third … some time after that, but I’d like to get it done sooner rather than later. It’s the first time in a long time I don’t feel I’ve any pressing drawing on (and… you know… I never have *that* much stuff to do, it just gets a bit much between the two jobs, the college and wife and child).

So, this weekend looks to be pretty busy, there’s a kinda of comic conventiony type thing on (which … you know… I do kinda feel a little left out about). Gotta go visit the in-laws. Gotta get two projects done want to go see Hitchhikers guide when it starts and … TIGER.. rargh. (It’s a Mac/Nerd thing)

I will rant about tiger after the jump… (it will get VERY boring so don’t click it…)

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Update to Batman

er… I got kinda side-tracked doing a charity picture (which a. I’m late for and b. I never actually said I was doing anything for) but you know…. It’s Billy the Cat vs Catwoman. I’ll post it when it’s inked.

Batman : The Script…

Ok, I’ve decided the next couple of days (including the weekend) will be dedicated to getting a Batman sample out of the door. I’ve a script Robbie Morrison kindly supplied me (clang) of “Batman: Gotham Knights : Fire and Ice” (wow, that’s a whole lotta title) and I’m gonna do the first four pages. Page one is gonna be a massive challenge. I’ll post images as I get them done. You can join in the fun of being in my head for the duration.

Here’s the process, if’n your in’erested:

Read the script (well, the bit I’m drawing …)
Mark how many panels there are per page.
Read the script again maybe doodling out layouts (which I’ll post when I’ve done some) and then … start drawing.