I’ve completed the first two pages of Woo episode 3, and they’re the first time I’ve relied on using perspective to any great degree (not sure about some of it, but it’ll all come out in the wash). There are things you have to accept and balance out when you’re drawing a comic. The important factors are:

1. A finished comic is better than an unfinished comic
2. The longer it takes to finish a page the less likely it is I can make a living drawing a page
3. It’s debatable how much people notice that drive me nuts on my artwork

So, to sum up, these pages took longer than I would’ve liked partly because I’ve been trying to learn new stuff as I go – there’s no way, even if I had enough work, that at this speed it would be worth while drawing comics so something has to give. Tomorrow I start page 3 and I’ll be looking to speed up.

Author: PJ

Belfast based Comic Artist who won’t shut up on twitter.

3 thoughts on “balances…”

  1. “It’s debatable how much people notice that drive me nuts on my artwork ”

    This is true!
    When I was colouring a strip for the 2000adreview site, I laboured over certain areas making them look ‘just right’, but when the strip went up, even I didn’t looked at those bits.


  2. I haven’t picked up a copy of the megazine in a long time, but
    now I’m going to, just to see how much your pain and self-doubt
    show up on the printed page!


  3. Hey Mark, if his Rogue strip is anything to go by, none of it will!
    The man loves to complain..!


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