Fudging the issue…

Ok, so I’m one page two of this woo thing and I’ve kind of hamstrung myself by having an assasin character wear this really heavy body armour and now I want to show the person’s body (when you see you’ll understand) so that Woo can make a judgement call on who the person is. So … I’ve decided … to have the assassin lose the armour as woo is chasing them… bits of littered armour as woo runs up stairs.

__Drawing from life__

Over the past couple of days (since the big art spend) I’ve been trying to both draw from life (using photos of women and children — bloody tough stuff and an old issue of FLEX magazine) and I think I’m already starting to see some payback – which is incredibly gratifying.

For those keeping track I’m currently heading toward the peak of my ego-apex (which is also the peak of my asshole-index, sadly) … so expect more posts along the lines of ‘I’m great me’.

Author: PJ

Belfast based Comic Artist who won’t shut up on twitter.