I want to learn how to draw…

I’ve actually made a minor breakthrough on simple one-point perspective. I can fiddle it and hack it and avoid it like a king but I’ve never actually really understood it, but I’m getting closer.

Also: Woo ep 3 page 1 started, the first page is a kind of chase through a warehouse and cus it’s six panels I’m having to figure out a way to immediatly grab the reader (episode 1 page 1 which you’ll all see in next months meg was a really easy grab page – two big panels). So I’m hoping I can draw an arresting background and that’ll do the trick. Still trying to figure out how to do reflective shading on helmets. The depth of my ignorance is astonishing…

Author: PJ

Belfast based Comic Artist who won’t shut up on twitter.

One thought on “I want to learn how to draw…”

  1. I know what you mean.. most of the illustrative work I do is self taught, I must have missed the lessons that dealt with perspective and composition and uni. My other half just bought me the Wizard press “How to Draw” book which is really pretty good but I feel like I need to go back to basics and just draw, draw draw. I spend waaay too much time in front of the computer, even if it is Open Canvas or Photoshop..


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