Book buying…

I went mad and have spent, in the past couple of days, about £100 on graphic novels and comic/drawing books. Here’s a list:

Wizard, The Best of Basic Training: How to Draw collects the little two or three pager articles that were the only thing I ever bought wizard for, it’s 250 pages and it’s fantastic. Heartily recommended…

Drawing the clothed figure fantastic book – lovely artwork and very useful – the writer has tought Disney artists (and you can see Disney style faces throughout it).

Ex Machina: The First Hundred Days Really cool political comic about -what appears to be- the only superhero in the world putting down his costume and deciding to run for political office, there’s a great section at the back where Tony Harris shows his process of using photo reference to turn them into comic pages.

Superman: red son Lovely artwork, decent story.

Global Frequency: Planet Ablaze Some gorgeous artwork – Warren Ellis using up all those little ideas that appeared over the years in Die Puny Humans.

Er.. there might’ve been some more. But the depressing thing is that now that I’ve done this little amazon dig (which I’m not an affiliate of, so I won’t earn moolah if you want to buy any of those books) I’ve just realised I coulda saved about £30 by buying online. Bugger. Still, there’s nothing more fun than spending several hours perusing graphic novels and artbooks and then actually buying something 🙂

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One thought on “Book buying…”

  1. Whoops, looks like this post’s been uploaded a whole load of times!

    I remember seeing only one of those Wizard “How To”s a while back, how to draw graveyards by
    Mike Mignola. Where they all by artists of that caliber?

    I’m a regular knocker of Mark Millar, but I loved “Red Son”, story and art. But then, I’ve
    heard Grant Morrison slipped him the brilliant ending, too.


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