TV Tastic Who…

Oooh … new Dr Who … very good. Lots of over acting from people (Billy Pipper and her “mum” are the most normal – almost as though they’ve wondered in from a kitchen sink drama). Really funny (intentionally in many places and I unintentionally in others – although I suspect even those bits were played for laughs cus there’s no way to play them straight — eaten by a wheelie bin? I ask ya’)

Looking forward to seeing it on telly, hopefully it’ll run for years and years and I can watch my son hide behind the sofa just like I did.

Author: PJ

Belfast based Comic Artist who won’t shut up on twitter.

2 thoughts on “TV Tastic Who…”

  1. Hi Paul ! I’m visiting.
    Yeah, I was re-watching Davies and Eccleston’s ‘The Second Coming’ the other night. Incredibly good fun.
    Yeah, looking forward to the new gear meself. Eccleston loooks suitably like Davidson though brings far more energy, while Billie Piper has been handling the ‘daleks & stairs’ questions maturely and gosh, respectfully.


  2. Ahhh.. and there’s me waiting patiently for it to turn up on the beeb.

    I’m still not too sure about Eccleston, it’s going to be weird listening to the Doctor with a Northern accent, although my other half is a Lancashire lad through and through. Is it possible that Eccleston may be a little over-earnest? Guess I’ll have to wait and see. Exciting to have it back at last, if nothing else!


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