The Plan

If I was sensible, and with a following wind, I would do the following:

Bank about six months worth of living expenses (this amounts to about six grand) – is this doable? possibly, if I’m doing comics while working – and money from comics gets banked.

Line up 12 months of comic work — about 12 pages per month. Is this doable? possibly by mixing 2000ad/megazine and some other work (but what???)

Take a sabbatical from work for 12 months while I draw.

From there, aim, by the age of 40 (argh!) to be a full time pro comic artist.

Author: PJ

Belfast based Comic Artist who won’t shut up on twitter.

3 thoughts on “The Plan”

  1. Well, I’m a fan, Peej,so I might be a wee bit biased, but you have to ask where the money’s better – work or comics. The comic stuff is a gamble, but one that could pay off if you’ve got a nipper to take care of – plus, it’s a leisure industry (if anything) and isn’t contracting at the same rate as other avenues of employment. ‘Proper’ work is only short-term, however. it pays the bills, but will it still pay the bills two years from now?
    I’d say take a maternal sabbatical (if you’re elegible) and work your ass off on ‘folio pieces that you can whore around the American market. If possible, latch onto the nipple of young whippersnappers like that Si Spurrier, who might break the Yankee market any minute now. You’ve got the talent to go pro, so you should consider breaking into the market as a viable career move, rather than a youthful ambition – apart from anything else, comics are a good showcase for breaking into other areas – storyboarding, production design, advertising, etc.


  2. Bear makes a final point that is especially true for you Paul, you’d love to diversify into that kind of cross media work, film work etc. Storyboarding would be the ideal companion piece to a comics career if you’re prone to feeling in a rut when the going is good.


  3. Yup. And there’s plenty of other comic companies out there too.
    Next time you’re at Bristol, and an editor asks you to send in some work… maybe you should!!

    By the way, I can’t see have the blimmin page because of your links, so if there’s any mistakes in this, it’s your fault.


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